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Hanging Lounge Chairs

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If you suddenly get tired, the chair is always near for you. But what if a chair is hanging just nearby, and offers not only seat but also a comfortable rest,because it is a lounge chair? This post will be your guide in the world of new trendy hanging lounge chairs.

Lamu Rope Hanging Chair

Amazing Comfort chairs

There are many types of hanging lounge chairs, however lets start off with the Swingrest chair by Daniel Pouzet. The French designer has included all his Parisian charm into this amazing lounge chair. It presents a mini sofa in a basket case hanged by a rope to the ceiling or a branch, wherever you chose to hang it. Designed for the German company Dedon, the Nestrest can be indoor, as outdoor
furniture and is very subtle and somewhat rustic.


The closest sibling of the Swingrest is the Nestrest outdoor furniture by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, amazingly also for Dedon Manufacture Company. Following the same idea of the floating outdoor seating conceived by the same author, the Nestrest features privacy, comfort and originality. Because of its basket like enclosure, the Nestrest might be pretty cool inside, providing maximum comfort for reading, napping, or just contemplating.


Another masterpiece of our interest is the Manu Nest by Maffam Freeform. Displayed a radical black chair, it is an ultimate elegant hanging lounge chair in our collection. Apart from it being stylish accompaniment to the outdoors interior, it is made of volcanic rock, the Basalt fiber to be precise, which makes it even more attractive. If put inside however, the Many Nest would instantly become a focal point of any house, especially if it is the minimalistic interior design as the extravagant chair stands out a lot.


The last of our hanging lounge chairs is the Lamu Rope Hanging Chair. It looks terrific on the green grass background, simple yet very stylish the Lamu Chair is hanging rest for your feet and eyes. Reminiscent of the Indian dreamcatcher ornament, this hammock is an ultimate must have for all of the outdoor lovers. Simplicity and style is all it takes to create this amazing lounge chair. So, now you now most of the coolest hanging lounge chairs out there, so you won’t get lost in the trend and fashion of the furniture industry.

 Hanging Lounge Chair

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