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Ghostly furniture designs

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It is well before Halloween, but some designs are out of context. Are you up for some spooky furniture designs? This post will introduce you to the most freaky ghostly furniture designs, revealing the creepy nature of these items.


Spooky Chair collections

Take a look at these amazing ghostly chair designs that spark some fright, but mostly intrigue. The first creepy chair collection is the Ghost Chair Collection by Ralph Nauta& Lonneke Gordjin from the Studio Drift. Made from plexiglass shell, it appears to entrap the ghostly figure inside of it. The amazing part of this ghostly chair is that inside of its structure there are millions air bubbles that reflect the light around and change to different shapes. Inspired by the Royal Dutch chairs, the ghostly collection combines history, technology and art.


Another of the ghostly chair representative is truly creepy. The Ghost of a Tenant Departed is a collection of furniture apparitions that is made from gauze, liquid starch and glue. Apparently it is the gauze that was repeating the shape of the furniture, even after it was removed. Made into an intriguing art installation the ghost furniture was displayed in the vacant house, which was for sale for some time.


The last in our list of the ghostly furniture is the “Ghost of a chair” by Valentina Gonzalez. The London based designer, Gonzalez has created this ghostly structure from transparent polyester sheet, handmade with love. The transparent shapeless chair can exist in practically any interior design. Despite its translucence, the chairs are very practical, and come in feminine and masculine styles.

More Ghost Chair collections


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  1. Nancy
    July 18, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Creepy! Why would anybody want to have something like that at home? Seems to me, sometimes designers have simply nothing to do.