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Futuristic Bed Designs

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Some of us like their furniture to be closely related to future, at least in design. This post will introduce to the top most crazy and amazing futuristic bed designs.

futuristic bed design

Amazing bed designs

Crazy ideas don’t come alone, they come in a bunch! This post is all about amazing and wacky futuristic bed design ideas. Most of them share the egg shape and insanely minimalistic approach, while the other are too risky. The first in our list would be the Dot Bed by Leonardo Rossano. Done in mostly light gray pallete this bed is an amazing companion to any space enthusiast. The round shape however offers many other possibilities and functionalities. You could not have missed the most prominent feature of this bed, the orbit shelf. It can be rotated and made into a small breakfast table, or laptop table. The Italian manufacturers know the style and elegance put into service.

futuristic bed designs

Another crazy bed design is the Futuristic Sleepers for on-the-job napping. The design of these sleeper pods is extremely sci-fi, these pods are a unique solutions to the “fatigue management”, when you get too tired at work, and would not mind taking a nap on the couch. Well, don’t use the couch when this awesome sleeping pod is available. Designed to fit the average sleeper, these pods are a musthave for any workaholic. The round shape with an awesome extension for your legs would be a great luxury item, and not even for the big corporations, but also for those who work at home office.

futuristic bed designs

The last on our list of the crazy futuristic bed designs is the LOMME bed. Light over Matter Mind Evolution, that is the exact name of this designer bed. It is also rather a napping hub, however it provides more space and features some modern appliance containers. Using a special light technology, the bed will lull you to sleep fast enough. The special Ipod container will help you to get drowsy with some audio effects. The LOMME bed is an ultimate retreat even for couples, as it comes in two variation of beds.

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