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Furniture with Emotions

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Designer Roberto Giacomucci created a line of furniture that has its own facial expression. Each item from the Neotoi Family collection has handles and sections that form different human faces or animals. Such “animated” items breathe life into simple wooden chest of drawers and shelves. The designer says that they are able to give a good mood to any space.

Furniture with Emotions by Roberto Giacomucci

Fichetto chest from Neotoi Family collection by Roberto Giacomucci

Fichetto chest from Neotoi Family collection by Roberto Giacomucci

When creating this collection the Italian designer was guided by the aim to come up with such furniture, which would have the soul and strong emotions along with its simplicity. For those who see this collection for the first time, it may seem that Neotoi Family is designed for a kids room: there is a nightstand on wheels called Sigmund, which surprises with its equanimity; a nightstand called Pet The Pup, which looks like something surprised it and Fichetto chest looks like it is greatly puzzled. There is also a friendly crocodile-chest called Crocodilia, Burton puppy and fabulous Dodo bird.

But according to the idea of ​​the designer the furniture with funny and sad smileys is destined for adult interiors. Roberto Giacomucci just wanted to fill interior with living energy, provide it with simple human emotions.

Small and functional animated lockers and cabinets, tables and racks will not suit for everybody, without a doubt. You need to have a great irony to furnish your home with a children’s like furniture and be prepared to experiments.

The objects of this collection is a real “family”, transformed in the hands of the Italian designer into something more than just furniture. Each fictional character created by Roberto Giacomucci has its own history, character and strong personality.

Roberto Giacomucci has almost animated the furniture. The nightstands and dressers eagerly waiting for their owner coming home. They are happy or sad. They have something to say or hide. They fill the house with life, and may be will save someone from loneliness.

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