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Furniture Distressing Tips

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If you are a fan of antique furniture pieces, that look quite old due to their condition, there are several simple methods of aging the wood, so it would appear shabby. This is especially important, when you are in love with vintage and shabby chic decorating styles! So here it goes!

Wood Aging Tutorial

Are you in love with distressed wood furniture pieces? How about making your own furniture look distressed? So, if you are on a quest of aging the wood pieces, which were originally bought looking modern, here are some ideas that you can do. Depending on what type of furniture we are talking about: the painted piece, natural wood or other product there are different ideas on distressing the wooden furniture piece. So, as you know, the painted pieces are generally needed to be sanded first. Remember the harder you sand, the rustier it looks, and when you are done sanding, wipe away all the mess. Next step is to use a primer over the furniture piece, and be sure that the primer you have chosen is appropriate for you furniture piece. Now if it is impossible to achieve the natural wood at the base, then perhaps you can use brown paint to fake the base color, because this color would reveal itself after you are done.
So, you will have to use wax and scrub it on the surface, which you would like to appear distressed. However, before you wax allow everything to get dry. Using a candle go over the surfaces, like corners, edges, handles, legs – all the parts that you want to appear old. Alternatively you can use Vaseline after you apply the base coat (that is that brown paint we used to achieve the “natural” look). Now, after you are done with that, you will need to remove all the little particles of wax in order to paint it again. Next step is to paint the piece with that original white, or whatever are your preferences. After the several coats of paint dry, scrape off the topcoat with the knife that is not too sharp and you will get the distressed look! Really simple, but so effective, don’t you want to try?

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