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Furniture as Decor Statement

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Sometimes, we want the multifunctional furniture in aesthetic means, meaning we want to have the furntiture, but we want it to be decorating, this is time when furniture becomes a décor statement. Welcome to this time and place, where we will explore different types of décor furniture.

Furnishing and Decoration

Furniture can not only be functional, but it can become a décor statement of its own. This post will introduce the basics of how to display the functional furniture as décor items, featuring the new designer sets and DIY crafted furniture. Some of them are really original, some are a bit disturbing, but all of them serve the purpose of being both functional and decorative.


If you want your furniture to be of decorative quality, take a careful look around your attic, or basement in some case. There might be some useful, yet outdated furniture that is just waiting to be remodeled to look as astonishing as this Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk Vintage Cigar Leather. It used to be a big vintage trunk when suddenly it began to experience a new life as a secretary. Just how amazing it blends into the background! Now, while you might not have something of such splendor in your house, perhaps you might think twice before throwing out that century old arm chair.


Some furniture is just designed to be weird and creepy like this set of Ghostly ‘Slow White’ Tree Branch Furniture. Designed by Dutch artist Bo Reudler. Looks like its tree branch legs are about to escape. His secret is in avoiding computer modeling while planning the furniture and setting off to mother nature in search of the perfect tree branch for the legs. These Slow white chairs remind the viewer of the Chul An Kwak Galloping horses chairs, these too look like they are about to escape.


The Loopy Lounger chair, on the other hand seems to be a bit weird, but pretty comfortable. Artistic 4 Chaise, as the official name states is a natural wood chair, which allows a person to rest fully and also be of decorating purpose. The same as the Gravity Lounger, which is not so wood inspired as the first one. Varier Furniture has created a creepy masterpiece of a lounge chair, promising the outer space zero gravity feeling.


However, the most disturbing, yet quite pretty and interesting is the Skin Collection by Pepe Heyhoop. Distinctly reminiscent of the actual furniture, the viewer is startled by the weird surface of the furniture. The secret to that, as revealed by the Amsterdam based designer, is in using repurposed furniture, by taking straps here and there the designer created a new look. And as we finish this post, we go back to its beginning where repurposing of old furniture seems to be a pathway in creating new and original furniture as a décor items.

Furniture Statements

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