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Freaky Caterpillar Bench

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Presented at the 100% Design show, this Caterpillar bench by Phillip Watt design studio is an ultimate freaky furniture that is worth reviewing!


Weird Caterpillar Inspired furnishing

Have you ever had a reaction to insects other that utter disgust? Well, that is not the same story with Phillip Watt, the designer of this weird furnishing item. Inspired by the caterpillar, he created a bench with H.R. Giger preciseness.

It is a common point of view to hate caterpillars before they grow into butterflies and admire them after. Made from polished cast alluminium, this Caterpillar bench was presented at 100 % Design show, which is a part of the London Design Festival and shown off its best! The caterpillar bench would not be so striking, if you browsed the collection of furnishing items made by Phillip Watt design company, because most of their items seem rather peculiar.
As stated by the designer Caterpillar Bench is:

A centre-piece hand cast polished aluminium bench. Typically sold as a three seater, the bench is modular and can be any length to suit your commercial or domestic space.

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