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Forming the Borders Cabinet

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Continuing the theme of secluded working space, Cho Juhui has created the Forming the Borders Cabinet, a space that can provide privacy if needed!

Private Study Area Cabinet

If you live a small apartmeent where every inch of the space is cherished, then you would appreciate the multipurpose furniture design, like this amazing Forming the Borders Cabinet by Cho Juhui. The designer has created a semi-opaque cabinet, that offers privacy while doing work or studying away from the eyes of other people. The cabinet offers a working table, and a lamp, and a shelf, a chair, but mostly these are just walls, that will let you escape into the world of studying.
The idea of creating such space came out from the original need of the designer to hide “in my own personal place far away from other people’s eyes.” As Cho Juhui tells about his furniture “The outer surface is translucent and layered. It shines without a particular focus, and allows me to be immersed in the space.” So, if you want to concentrate on your work, and get a stylish working area – the Forming the Borders cabinet is really inspiring piece!

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