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Foot End Ideas That Aren’t Bench

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A foot end bench is a classic bedroom furniture piece but it’s a bit predictable and not always practical. There are many alternatives though. You can also turn it into a shoe rack bench or a storage shelf bench. You can also use many other things instead.

Bed Foot End Ideas



A basket is a great foot end alternative because it is small and doesn’t get in the way but it can also hold something like a spare bedding set, a pillow, or an extra blanket. It is also a cute addition to a room and makes for great rustic style or coastal decoration. It would also be quite useful in kid’s room for storing toys. Or it could  make a great pet bed.



If you want a cleaner look or a different style perhaps, you can choose a trunk as your end of bed accessory. You can store all the same things and even more in there but also disguise it behind a trunk lid. Besides if a basket doesn’t fit your style a trunk can be much different and fit other interior styles.

Drawer console table


A chest of drawers or a console table can hold a few small things and also act as a foot end. Some use this space to create a working area with desk and chair but that seems like a worse idea than placing the desk behind the bed. Most beds face the entrance so it might get in the way but if it works for you, then there is no reason it couldn’t work as a foot end.

Chair and table

Chair and Coffee Table

Now this might raise some  brows but what if you could drink your morning coffee and read your Twitter feed right there and then? Well, if you are a telecommuter such privilege could be quite possible.

Fainting couch

If you’re feeling that you’ve nj need for practicality in your bedroom you could opt for a fainting couch instead of a traditional bench.


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