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Flower Inspired Furniture

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It is summer and it is time for flowers! Time for flowers in any aspect of our lives, even in interior design, and this post will tell of the most intriguing flower inspired furniture collections from around the world.


Flowery furniture collection

With the flowers everywhere, we are here to explore the flowery furniture collection. We will start with the amazing Fatih Can Sarioz chairs, which look very futuristic. Being an industrial designer from Turkey, Sarioz has created the Flower inspired furniture, that looks a bit frightening and too modern. The collection features a table with petal like seating that can be folded like petals. It is a cute idea, but performed too crude for a delicate flower.

Unlike the Turkish designer, the Anemone colorful flower armchair. It looks terrific and very comfortable. Furniture inspired by Nature also includes sofa along with the armchair. Doesn’t it look terrific that lot? Coming in two combinations, one the warm bright yellowish red, the other colder blue red these are an amazing contribution to any modern interior design.


The bouquet chair collection really look like flowers, because they are soft and have petal like quality. The chair collection is designed by Yoshioka Tokujin, and brings much of the flower interior to the lot. It certainly strikes as a very natural flower simulation and would look stunning in any interior design.


The black rose chairs by Carla Tolomeo are not very original, however suit their purpose: they are elegant, charming and velvet. If you are a fan of roses and velvet this is certainly your chairs. The chairs are very delicate and sophisticated and would suit the vintage or classical interior design.


But the most beautiful one and most flower resembling is the Bloom chair by Kenneth CobonPue. This chair is all about being delicate, elegant and fragile. It looks quite simple, yet it contains a very calming and soothing design that just attracts you to this chair. It is not only carefully fragile, it is also very cheerful in color and texture. Isn’t that a perfect flower inspired chair?


Flowery furniture

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  1. Alex
    July 19, 2012 at 6:01 am

    In love with that Bloom chair 🙂