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Flatshare: Four Mini-Fridges in One

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Modern young designers perfectly capture the current consumption needs of our time, and the main query is economy in everything. A student from the School of Design in Vienna (Austria) Stefan Buchberger can become a founder of a new fashion in kitchen design.

Mini-Fridges for Each Family Member in One Fridge

Flatshare Fridge from Electrolux

Flatshare Fridge from Electrolux

Stefan has designed and built a modular fridge for Electrolux Design Lab competition. His refrigerator consists of several blocks that can be switched on/off autonomously, having separate doors.

It is no secret that the current models of large kitchen refrigerators, besides the fact that they consume a lot of electricity, compel us to use them uneconomically. Imagine that even if you only need to get the cheese out of the fridge or a jar with juice, you have to open the fridge, letting the warm air in the interior space. As a result, sensor often includes cooling compressors, expending the expensive electricity.

Stefan Buchberger invented Flatshare, a fridge of the new generation, which operates from a single compressor, which gives cold in several cameras (now up to four). Each of them can independently be switched off if necessary and generally removed from the overall design of the household appliance. Now, if you need something from the refrigerator, you simply open the small door of the desired module. The invention of the young designer got interest of representatives of major manufacturers of household appliances. Today Flatshare is already manufactured by Electrolux.

With the new refrigerator concept from Electrolux, you can make a fridge of any size according to your needs. In addition to the convenience and ergonomics, the unique refrigerator will also be the subject of interior and pride for its owner.

Each family member can now have a personal section in the refrigerator. And no one will confuse the shelves, and will not eat cheese, designed for pizza. Each will get his own mini-fridge.

The Austrian designer got the idea of ​​such innovative refrigerator from the situation in dormitories, where there is always a struggle for the safety and security of products.

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