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Flat Nouveau Chair

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If you are a fan of everything delicate, metalic and stylish, you will certainly enjoy the Flat Nouveau chair by Ronen Kadushin, which design replicates the lines found in Art Nouveau style! Well, you couldn’t miss the association line, so let’s explore this inctricate chair!

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Remember the delicate Art Nouveau style, that was popular in early XX, and then revived in the middle of last century? The design was rather flamboyant and frivolous, and it soon became the retreat of the elite. As suggested by the name, this new Art style features elongated lines, curves and flowery designs that gained its popularity in the heart of the art circles.
Despite the fact, that now Ronen Kadushin lives and works in Berlin, he was born and grew up in Israel. In 2004 Kadushin developed the Open Design concept, where the designs of his products can be downloaded, copied, modified and produced, much as in Open Source software. His works are very original, fresh and often lack some logical base or structure, as Kadushin tends to work with a technique of forcing by hand a laser cutout of sheet steel to form a three-dimensional object, while it does not break or “forget” its flat origin.
In contribution to this great frivolous style, Berlin based designer Ronen Kadushin has designed the Flat Nouveau chair, made completely flat. The technology of creation of the chair is really unique it is made from laser-cut, hand-folded 6mm aluminum. The chair of course is made as a tribute to century of Art Nouveau evolution, with all its novices and revivings, namely in the ’60’s revival via psychedelic art, and commercial use of the style. However, the chair can’t be a designer chair without it being displayed at some fancy designer event. The Flat Nouveau chair was presented at the Vienna Design Week 2012, as the sources imply the design of the chair can be freely downloaded, which joins Kadushin’s growing collection of Open Designs, CAD files that can be freely downloaded, modified, and fed to a CNC machine.


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