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Fibonacci Cabinet by Utopia

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You certainly heard about Fibonacci number at some point in your life, right? It is a perfect number that occurs in nature and displays the beauty of natural symmetry, and now how about a Fibonacci Cabinet?

Golden Ratio Furniture

The Fibonacci Cabinet is a unique furniture piece created by Italian furniture manufacturer, Utopia. The actual layout of the the cabinet is inspired by the Chinese medicine cabinet and has an eco-friendly bamboo structure. The uniqueness of this furniture pieces is that it consists out of seven distinct parts, that can be put apart and used individually.

You might wonder, what is this furniture’s relationship to Fibonacci number? Well, the dimensions are of the Golden Ratio! Each of the seven parts can be used separately or in a complect. The Chinese legs hold the set of huge to miniscule cabinets, and actually look kind of retro in some perspective, don’t you think? Would you consider buying this intriguing Golden ratio inspired Fibonacci Cabinet?

Fibonacci Cabinet

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