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Exquisite Lounge by Le Corbusier

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The name of the lounger LC4 encrypted initials of Le Corbusier, but also two people were involved in its creation along with the famous architect: Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. They developed a sunbed and a few pieces of furniture in 1928 for the exhibition Salon d’Autumne in accordance with the principles proclaimed by Le Corbusier three years earlier in his book L’Art Décoratif d’Aujourd’hui.

Exquisite Lounge LC4 by Le Corbusier

Lounge LC4

Lounge LC4

Le Corbusier, in particular, believed that furniture should serve as an extension of the human body, acting as a “humble servant”. But that time it was limited to exhibition projects and stick things that were issued under the specific architectural designs. Only in the late 1950s Swiss gallery owner and a big fan of Le Corbusier, Heidi Weber started production of several items in his design. And in 1964 Italian brand Cassina got the exclusive right to produce his furniture. It manufactured the collection I Maestri, which includes “icons” of design of the twentieth century.

When Cassina began manufacturing furniture based on the design by Le Corbusier and his co-authors, it used the original drawings of the 1920s. Based on them they set the following dimensions of the lounger: 63 inches in length and 22 inches in width.

Initially there was serial number on a lounger frame.  And time to time they added other additional stamps of certification of authenticity . Since 2010, a full set of such icons contains a serial number (located on the frame near the head of the lounge, should match the number on the certificate) , as well as logos of Cassina and I Maestri collection, and autographs of all three authors of the furniture item (on the basis of black metal).

There are loungers LC4, covered with blotchy skin or cow pony. There is also a version in beige fabric and leather. The palette of colors is large enough so that in case of doubt, it is better to check with the official website of Cassina.

Curves of the frame are obtained by seamless welding, as if the steel tubes were bent with the use of physical force, it would negatively affect their strength. Mattress base grille is made of taut ribbons.

Lounge LC4, mattress base grille of taut ribbons

Lounge LC4, mattress base grille of taut ribbons

Head restraint cushion is attached to the frame with a leather belt. The lounge is easily disassembled into two parts: the base of dark metal, steel frame and mattress do not have rigid attachment.

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