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Elegant Painted Sinks

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Each Kohler bathroom shines with new equipment, bright tiles and original mixers. Each model of the brand is a work of art. This statement especially refers to the painted sinks collection from Kohler. A pattern for each sink is created by a group of designers within a few months. The ornament is applied with the use of modern technologies. Paint is characterized by its brightness and special resistance. If the client does not like any of the proposed drawings, Kohler will create an individual sketch, based on the wishes of the customer.

Painted Sinks Collection from Kohler

Painted sink from Kohler

Painted sink from Kohler

It takes a few weeks to produce one sink. Several departments are engage in its production. Each specialist is responsible strictly for his work area. Such method allows producing only high-quality sinks, capable of pleasing their owners for decades.

Famous innovations from Kohler started with the first enamel trough for feeding cattle. The company was founded by Michel Kohler, an Austrian immigrant, whose motto in life was to improve the quality of life. Kohler was guided by this principle, being engaged in the production of equipment for farmers in the state of Wisconsin, and later, when his life’s work had become the creation of bathroom fitment.

Kohler bathroom fitment unifies two continents. It is a synthesis of the best and most progressive principles of doing business in Europe and America. German thoroughness, punctuality, attention to details, coupled with the American desire for comfort and luxury, invariably produce results that exceed expectations. Those, who have ever tried to use Kohler products, invariably become supporters of its unique style. Therefore Kohler products are always in demand, despite the high price range.

Most marketers categorizethe company’s products as luxury plumbing. Largely its high prices are based on exclusive designs. Kohler offers hand-painted ceramic sinks and exclusive cast iron sinks. It is very difficult to define the material: they are covered with rich vitreous enamel with intricate patterns. Another highlight of the brand is a colored sanitary ware, which includes over twenty colors.


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