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Elegant Furniture with Pixels

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Boca do Lobo designers have managed to combine classical and contemporary style images in pieces of furniture from Piccadilly furniture collection. Just like old buildings contrast with the catchy advertising posters on the London’s famous Piccadilly Circus, each object in this collection combines the classic image with modern, minimalist details.

Elegant Furniture With Pixels by Boca do Lobо

Sideboard from Piccadilly collection by Boca do Lobо

Sideboard from Piccadilly collection by Boca do Lobо

Bright squares-pixels create the illusion that the object is in the process of downloading, and it will be displayed entirely soon. This visual illusion gives the collection a feeling of instability.

Piccadilly wardrobe, chest of drawers, and mirror are made ​​of poplar and painted in expressive, rich colors: emerald green, crimson red, and gold. Designers sought to create not just furniture, but art objects, transforming the space.

Emerald sideboard by Portuguese Boca do Lobo looks like a giant optical illusion. The designers have divided the classic wardrobe from Piccadilly Collection Limited Edition in large pixels.

The unusual handmade sideboard is one of those subjects that legendary furniture factory is proud of and whose distinctive style over the years has become very recognizable. The designers have created a modern interpretation of classic luxury, easily combining the items, which are usually hard to combine.

Coming up with Piccadilly collection, the designers play with the laws of perspective and architecture, and also with the classical traditions, diluting the cocktail with visual embodiment of modern technology. As on digital image, pixels get out randomly over the entire area of emerald and gold sideboard. There is a mirrored back wall, two glass shelves, four drawers, and accurate pixel marquetry inside the sideboard.

Talented craftsmen have worked long and hard to realize the designers’ fantasies. Combining tradition with digital realities of today proved to be time-consuming. It was a technically complex work of carpenters, marquetry, handmade mosaic of classical decor elements and wooden pixels, six different surface finishes.

Boca do Lobo brand belongs to a Portuguese group Menina Design Group, the main activity of which is the creation of designer items of luxury.


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