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Electromechanical Furniture

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Each epoch has its own furniture – heavy, solid classic and baroque or light, with lots of fitting frills, rococo furniture. In the twenty-first century furniture should be not only beautiful, but also useful, versatile, compact, etc. Most of them are related to electromechanical furniture.

Electromechanical Furniture of the XXI century

Massage chair

Massage chair

One of the qualities of electromechanical furniture is its usefulness to humans that can be expressed in different ways. For example, furniture – transformer is comfortable and functional. But ideally, “useful” means exerting a beneficial effect on humans, for example, on their health. A massage chair has such useful quality.

Massage chairs are very expensive. But by purchasing it you actually acquire you own home “masseur” in perpetuity. That can justify the cost of a massage chair. Moreover, a number of massage chairs has additional properties, in addition to massage rollers (kneading, stroking, rubbing and vibration):

– body scan to customize massage modes for a particular person

– heating for better muscle relaxation and enhance the action of massage

– air and infrared massage

Few people can do without a bed. However, a bed takes a lot of space. In order to solve this problem designers invented bed cupboards and beds with a niche for things with lifter. Structural features of these beds include the use of special devices, propelling typically by remote control. After sleeping, such bed-closet can hold a vertical position, freeing up a room space. A bed with a niche under the mattress can be converted into an additional cabinet. These beds are made ​​of light materials and are easy to move even for a fragile woman. Its electromechanical component makes it easy to use.



Talking about the electromechanical beds, we can mention quite fantastic models with automatic LED backlight, Internet access and a TV (a built-in screen). Such beds can also vary in appearance. For example, you can raise or lower the backrest, move a built-in table, change the height, etc.

LED lights can be used not only in beds, but also, for example, in desks. Worktop may be made of a thin veneer (Duplex, tested between LEDs), and glass. The glass option is particularly beautiful and creates a festive atmosphere.

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