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Dunes And Living Stones From Smarin

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Remember the Living Stones, the stone-shaped pillows that look like oversized river rocks? Well, Smarin, the company that created them has more exciting products for creating ultimate comfort at home.


Dunes are the perfect nap beds made of foam and polyester for indoor and outdoor use. They even had a Nap Bar with them in Dubai allowing visitors to take a nap on the aptly-named beds.

Neoliving stones

Neoliving stones is another collection of river rocks that look more like seats rather than realistic Living Stones.


If you like the idea of soft river rocks in the interior, there is a Colorstones collection that has stones of shades and sizes for any room.

Nénuphares seats

Nénuphares seats are somewhat similar to living stones but have more of an armchair shape, which makes them perfect for, well, sitting.

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