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Duffy London Dining Table Will Take You Ocean Deep

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Duffy London has created a gorgeous dining table that replicated the ocean deep thanks to its amazing design and color. Made of stacked layers of high grade wood and glass that create a geological map of the sea bed inspired by the way the material darkenes with more layers.

The same effect can be seen in the dining table. The central two pits have dark blue hearts while the areas surrounding them range from indigo to aqua blue.

Duffy London Abyss Dining Table

Duffy London Abyss dining table

The base of the table is rectangular and sturdy to support all of those wooden and glass layers. The company also conceived of a similar coffee table that follows the same idea only its crossection acts as a table base.

Duffy London Abyss coffee table

Duffy London Abyss coffee table

Looking at the tabletop from above like that really makes it look like a geological map in miniature with glass looking like water and wood like sand. What do you think?

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