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D*Table By D*House: Inspired By Logic

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Have you ever been mesmerized by the beauty of math and logic? Well, if yes you are certainly not the only one. Design company D*House being inspired by the works of English mathematician Henry Dudeney, has created a unique table making real the famous logic puzzle. The D*Table can be assembled in a form of a Dudeney puzzle and then reassembled for more storage in eight various sets.

D*Table Inspired By Logic & Math

D Table

Incredible D*Table

…A swiss army knife of a table…

In order to understand the D*Table you need some more basic information regarding the logic puzzle that was used as an inspiration for the project. The Dudeney puzzle was developed in 1903, when Henry Dudeney figured out how to transform a perfect square into equilateral triangle. He dissected the square into 4 various shapes that can be eventually rearranged into the triangle. As envisioned by Dudeney:

A good puzzle should demand the exercise of our best wits and ingenuity, and although a knowledge of mathematics … and … of logic are often of great service in the solution of these things, yet it sometimes happens that a kind of natural cunning and sagacity is of considerable value.

D Table

Rearranged D*Table

The D*Table project essentially is just that, except there are storage capacities. Originally it is a coffee table, but a very conceptual one with possibilities of being converted into a triangle, a square, and six other shapes in between. So, you get the idea that there are practically almost endless configurations and the conventional square table is getting transformed into an incredibly versatile furniture piece.

Not only new shapes reappear when the square table is rearranged. The new storage and drawers also emerge. This way a table is always a revelation that has new hidden ways to be a furnishing object, which is quite stylish, conceptual and functional.

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