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Dog House Cushion

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Do you have a pet that you love oh so much and want it to be near you every time? Well, perhaps the Dog House Cushion is just perfect for you, because it can accommodate both you and your dog!

Dog House Sofa

The dog house sofa is designed specifically for the needs of your pet! Designed by the Korean master, Seungji Mun, the Dog House sofa is made to share time moments between the dog (or practically any pet) and a master.

The side table that is positioned to the right is actually a roof of the pet house. The same cushion goes on extension beneath to accommodate the pet. Well, of course if won’t suit a huge dog, like a German shepherd, but it will do good for medium sized dogs, as well as any cats (except for a tiger, in case you have one), as they just love to have a lot of holes they can retreat to. So, if you have a pet and you two like to be around each other this is a perfect way to show your connection.

Amazing Dog House Sofa


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