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Dodai Benches

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Peter Marigold has created a sturdy bench from a unique materials, inspired by the ancient Japanese traditions. To find out what are these materials, read on!

Unique Benches from Igusa and Hiba

Can you imagine what would happen if the Western culture would meet the Eastern culture? Here is a story of a London based designer, Peter Marigold that seems to be in love with Japanese traditions. One of the latest of his creations is a unique sturdy bench from what appears to be wood. However, this is not true, because the Dodai bench is actually from Igusa, a type of woven grass, and Hiba, wood from a Japanese cypress, so only partially this bench is from wood.
The Dodai bench was created from a log, that was splitting in two pieces. On top of the bench you could see a covering from a Igusa, which can be rolled over and the insides of the bench can be used as a storage. How useful and practical, and minimalistic! The cover is held in place by the colored bungees stretched over dark hardwood turned knobs. It is also worth mentioning that both, Igusa and Hiba have a strong natural wooden odor. Very eco-friendly, don’t you think?
Everything about this project is very Japanese! The name Dodai stands for the “base” in Japanese, and the bench does appear to be very sturdy. The materials which were used are outright Japanese in their origin, just take their names – Igusa and hiba! The concept of the ultra-space, which can be used as a storage is also very traditional to Japan culture. Moreover, Peter Marigold have designed the Dodai bench were manufactured by the respected Japanese furniture company Hinoki Kogei following visits to their factory in Japan. See how everything is connected? To make you even more convinced, the Dodai benches were made exclusively for the exhibition, entitled Simple Vision coordinated by Japan Creative! So, when west meets east, we see a very interesting collaboration, which results in a unique work of furnishing art! Just look at the lines, you can just feel that wooden scent, can’t you?


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