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Furniture and decor from the famous and emerging designers and studios from around the world that we have collected in this article, for sure will give you inspiring and modern ideas, as their designers are keeping pace with the times and create practical and beautiful things.

Designer Home Furnishings: 5 Fresh Ideas

Lamp-cloud by Richard Clarkson

Lamp-cloud by Richard Clarkson


Greg Klassen is a- furniture designer specializing in natural forms. His latest collection of tables with the rivers inspired by the pond near his studio on the banks of the Nuksak river in the United States. Jagged edges, soothing colors and natural materials are their main features.


What kid does not dream of a doll’s house, and what adult does not dream of an original coffee table? Both dreams come true with Quibis Haus, which easily connected these two items in one. Looking at the coffee table- dollhouse, you once again realize that multifunctional things, as a rule, are not only useful, but also have a tendency to become a highlight of the interior.

Relaxing chair

Designers of the German brand Rolf Benz, producing furniture since 1964, created a chair for the “relaxing” collection. One of the main features of the soft armchair with a recliner is the material from which it is made.

It has the optical properties of leather and fabric. It is anti-allergenic and environmentally friendly. With integrated seat controls, you can give it a form suitable for use with a laptop or for an afternoon nap.


Designer Richard Clarkson came up with an interactive lamp with built-in speaker: the cloud monitors the presence of a person in the room using sensor and on the basis of the data creates a unique light show, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Thus, it is not just a lighting fixture, but also an ultramodern installation.

Designer shelves

A young Russian designer Maria Yasko, known for her functional works like origami chair, offers an original design of shelves. “The Birds” collection is one of her first creations. Maria has created a collection of white shelves in the form of birds, making it possible for people to paint them to their taste. This fabulous design is inspired by nature and its harmony.


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