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Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano

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While some might enjoy the conventional furniture designs, the artists strive for perfection and minimalism creating more unique and sometimes weird furniture designs. The Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano is exactly this story. Let’s take a closer look!

Futuristic Bed by Paduano

Do you enjoy minimalistic designs, which will definitely take up little space, while giving off extra possibilities, like of storage, or perhaps only in stylistic terms? Well, perhaps the Cubic Bed by Francesca Paduano is a perfect solution for you? The Cubed bed is a perfect stylish way to express your individuality for any interior designs, as it has everything: texture, color, and intriguing design and moreover a headboard! Up on a closer look, you can observe the actual shape and texture overplays, which make this furniture piece not only visually interesting, but also kinesthetically pleasing!
Manufactured and distributed exclusively at the Italian company Bolzan Letti, the Cubed Bed is composed from singular lines, that seem to be made from foam – however they are strong enough to support the structure and the basic bed attributes, like matrass and sheets. Actually, The bed original shape is made from the assemblage of units made from the extrusion of cubes along a curve.The cubed bed is minimalistic, because of its low to the surface approach and stylish because of its unique shape, and daring color choices. The bed can be in playish bluish gray, daring simple yellow and elegant simple grey palettes. If you are mesmerized by the design and want to know more, here is an awesome description from the manufacturer, Bolzan Letti:

“The project and its name have been inspired from counting blocks. The bed is available in different measures that create a continuous play of high and low, of full and empty volumes. This subtle play of volumes is enhanced when using units in different colours. Each unit is made of expanded polyurethane and the cover is available in leather or alcantara.”


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