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Creative Furniture of Unconventional Materials

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Stylish furniture can add new colors to the interior and help correct accents. Modern furniture is capable of hitting by their appearance, comfort and functionality. New technologies allow furniture designers to widen the limits of their imagination, create furniture of any shape and use any material.

Creative Furniture Made ​​of Unconventional Materials

Furniture made of recycled cardboard by Giancarlo Zema

Furniture made of recycled cardboard by Giancarlo Zema

Stylish chairs can easily be transformed into a table or even a small chest of drawers. Designer furniture can become suitable for any interior decoration. And modern chairs do not necessarily have to be made of expensive materials. The main thing is a little creativity and informal approach to the living space.

Furniture made of recycled cardboard

Italian architect Giancarlo Zema has created a collection of furniture of recycled pieces of cardboard. Stylish furniture set consists of an armchair, a coffee table and a lamp. The designer was inspired by the layered surface of the rocks of the Grand Canyon in the United States. The cardboard packaging glued to the many layers gave the collection a sand shade and soft rounded shapes.

All this forms a very cozy space that will fit into the interior of a living room. And you can store bags, journals and other items in niches of these furniture items. By the way, this furniture can be moved to a summer terrace or can even be installed on the street.

Lounger by French designer

French designer Gregoire de Lafforest created a leather lounger with marble base inspired by a motorcycle saddle of the 1970s. Soft leather surface creates a contrast with rigid base of pale marble. The seat can be easily disconnected. And you can get a comfortable table, which gives the impression of a solid block. This chair is very functional and mobile.

Unusual furniture duo

South African interior designer Nawaaz Saldulker invented an unusual furniture duo, combining a chair with a folding table. The designer decided not to throw away plastic packaging, and use it for creation of a comfortable furniture in African style. The furniture consists of a steel frame and panels woven from durable plastic rods. Such netting is commonly used when creating African baskets. The back of the chair is made ​​of wood. The sliding side can be used as a table or stand for house plants.


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