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Confucius Sofa

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Sometimes furniture piece can not only be amazingly stylish and suitable for most contemporary interiors, but also bear some philosophical component, as does this incredible Confucius Sofa by Alexander Nettesheim. Let’s take a closer look!

Sleek Ideological Confucius Sofa

German designer Alexander Nettesheim has made an amazing and sleek ideological furniture piece, the Confucius Sofa for the German manufacturer Bretz. Just to refresh your memory, Confucius was a great Chinese philosopher during 551–479 BCE, and his impact is most prominently seen in what was later developed school of philosophy, Confucianism.
At the cornerstone of this philosophy, Confucius made emphasis on such qualities as strong family loyalty, ancestor worship, respect of elders by their children, and of husbands by their wives. He also recommended family as a basis for ideal government, by the way. He is known for the great motto: “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself”, which later version would be known as the Golden Rule. However, coming back to the amazing leather furniture piece, the Confucius Sofa, which does really look somewhat extraordinary.
Having all of attributes of the classical leather sofa, the furniture piece has some details that make it stand out from the crowd and therefore make a designer furniture. The sofa is available in several color schemes, particularly classic black, electric blue and surprising bright violet, with some additional experimental animal prints and velvet. As revealed by Alexander Nettesheim:
“Confucius combines opposites. Straight pad elements are arranged in oblique angles to each other and form a bizarre architectural sculpture. Every element is designed individually in terms of material, color and pattern. This fashionable, elegant and at the same time classic furniture item allows everyone to find the right combination. The Confucius sofa is equipped in a such way that each body is optimally supported, even after prolonged lounging around. The fine indentations enhance this effect and ensure complete relaxation of body and soul”.

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