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Cirrus, Flora, Iris & Zebra.

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We all like comfortable furniture, but do you like conceptual furniture? This post reveals an incredibly cheerful furniture design: Cirrus, Flora, Iris & Zebra.

Friendly sofa types

These incredible friendly sofa designs are presented by Lubo Majer from Slovak design company DIZAJNO. The collection is comprised from four distinct sofa types: Cirrus, Flora, Iris and Zebra. Let’s take a look at all of them separetelly. By the way, each subtype of furniture is a distinct collection composed of different items.
The first in this friendly collection is composed from an armchair, sofa and a little coffee table. Cirrus is an intriguing collection resembling the clouds and a three piece coffee table. The furniture collection is made from rigid OSB frame, flexible PUR foam and snow white upholstery.
This furniture collection is comprised from the same as the above, except the little sofas are made in a form of yellow sunflowers, and a coffe table in a form of trough. The same materials are comprising this collection, except the gorgeous yellow fabric.
As can be guessed by the name, Iris is the rainbow collection, which is also composed from three different sets: armchair, sofa and a puddle looking table. It is interesting to note that the iris concept originated from the white color that is under certain condition is transformed into rainbow colors.
This is the animal inspired furniture collection, that is most dynamic furniture sets. Unlike other furniture sets, this one is a very intriguing piece to be included into contemporary interior design.


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