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Circular Furniture Designs

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Do you like circles? And what about furniture? Well, how would you react, if we would introduce to you circular furniture designs? Stay for a while, and check out these amazing designer furniture pieces, that are all circular!

Designer Furniture Pieces

Some furniture just meant to be funky and unconventional, as the following furniture pieces, which share the common characteristic by being circular. First in our collection is “Cotton in the Air” by Studio JEILPARK. It is a stool, which is made from special material, designed by the company in charge. The stool appears to be floating in the air, and it is designed to challenge the accepted norms of furniture of being sturdy and heavy. The name of the piece is currently a draft name, because the chair is still under construction, however, as mentioned by Studio JEILPARK, the project “is for challenging of boundary of “chair” with using specific material and shape”.
Another circular chair is Tumble Weed designed by Carmela Bogman. This stool is nothing like the previous one, because it is made with steel, light weight but steel! Designed from aluminum strips, the chair of course has a concept searching for a balance: “Finding the right balance in everyday life is difficult. Work is piling up, at home the chores seem to multiply by the hour and leisure time is cluttered by numerous appointments. Designer, Carmela Bogman, started a search for the right balance and designed a physical reaction and an optimistic impulse called Tumble Seed”. Well certainly, sitting on this chair requires quite a nerve, because you need to find a perfect spot to sit down and keep your balance. Perhaps another thought that is hidden in that concept chair – is searching for the answers, and having a conversation with yourself, as the chair is certainly not an easy one!
So, you see, these two chairs are similar in their shape but very distinct in the concept and therefore the material. We can see that each designer has made a specific idea known to the world.

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