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Choosing the Outdoor furniture

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In the last post we have concentrated on renovation of the outdoor space, and what if not furniture can help in renovation of the old patio, or deck. This post will help you in choosing the right the outdoors furniture.


Outdoor furniture Materials

Outdoor furniture is meant to be more reliable, to be weather resistant. However, there are so many different furniture designs that confuse a random customer. The typical materials to be used for outdoor furniture are aluminum and stainless steel, wrought iron, plastic, and durable sorts of wood, such as cedar, teak, wicker. So, first consider what type of furniture you want to stick to at your patio, because this would dictate the furniture displayed.


Furniture, should not only look good, but be mostly comfortable, because outdoor space is often used for recreation purposes. Wicker, which is made from rattan, a tropical climbing palm, a large tropical grass or bamboo, is not very weather resistant, unlike weather wicker, but is very attractive as an outdoor furniture. Weather Wicker, which is from resin, more practical than wicker from wood, because it would last longer, and furniture won’t fade, peel or flake because its dyes are mixed in the resin solution. The resin wicker can be made to look like the natural material, due to the vine like woven pieces. This wicker would last longer, because it is absolutely weather resistant.


Amazing natural resistance comes from cedar trees, that are allergic to being rotten, cracking and warping, to fungus. If the furniture from cedar would be left unfinished, with time it would wither to silver gray. This would add the rustic atmosphere to the outdoors, and maintain the strong base furniture. Cedar furniture might serve longer if cared for, and removed from the outside for the winter times. Teak is very eco-friendly and cost effective, and has minimum maintenance requirement, so is also a good solution for the outdoors furniture.


Stainless steel furniture is rust as resistant and would serve longer, although if you wish to go for the more delicate look, you might not want steel. However, iron furniture can be pretty elegant and curvy, and serves longer than any other materials, it also costs more. Aluminum is another option for the outdoor furniture material. However if you want something substantial, like a bench it should be heavier, in which case you can use cast aluminum.


Another innovative materials might include glass reinforced plastic, like the futuristic Kloris outdoor seating from Zaha Hadid architects. However, these new projects that appear here and there do spark a note of creativity, but the traditional materials are the most reliable and trusted for the outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

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