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Card Catalog In Home Decor

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A card catalog seems like a nice piece of furniture that can keep things in the office organized but does it really only belong in the office? We’re pretty sure it can be used in any room in the house especially if you want to keep it neat and clean.

Storage-Friendly Card Catalog in Decor

Card Catalogs

Card catalogs in home decor

Just like a school locker a card catalog can be salvaged from an old office or bought on one of the major online selling platforms and used as a console table, a vanity, a drawer cabinet, and finally a home office file organizer. The vintage card catalogs will give an interior a touch of vintage chic so you can use them in retro and shabby chic interiors while the metal card catalogs are great for industrial style homes. If you want to, you can give an old card catalog a new modern finish with a coat of paint in a color that fits your interior’s color scheme.

There are quite a few uses for a card catalog at home. You can store anything in those little drawers from silverware to books, DVDs, and even wine. Some even use the old card catalogs as planters.

Thanks to the signs above each drawer you can organize things by categories and purpose. This way you will always know the place of each item without having to search through stuff and mess to find what you need.

To display your plants or pictures pull out a few drawers at random and place your display objects in them. This is also a way to decorate your card catalog for a holiday. The drawers can also be used separately from the card catalog as planters or smaller storage units.

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