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Campana Brothers Create Furniture Inspired By 19th Century Cangaceiros Bandits’ Clothes

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19th-century Cangaceiros bandits wore a pretty colorful clothing, which designer brother duo  Fernando and Humberto Campana translated into their furniture collection that is bound to brings a burst of color to any home. Handmade in collaboration with Espedito Seleiro, whose family crafted colorful leather clothes for Cangaceiros, the line includes a royal blue stitched leather seat with red, yellow, orange, brown, and turquoise accents, an unusually-shaped cabinet, an eye-catchy green bookshelf, and a gorgeous red mirror.

Furniture Inspired By 19th Century Cangaceiros Bandits’ Clothes

Campana brothers seat

Wicker and leather furniture line is made of beautiful patterns and decorative stitches. Even the bookshelf shows stitched colorful leather patches and seams.

Campana brothers' seat's back

But our favorite piece of the Cangaco collection is this almost neon orange and turquoise seat that shows off the wicker carcass on the seat a bit and mesmerizes with its complex beautiful patterns.

In addition to their swashbuckling attitude, the Cangaceiros were also known for their peculiar clothing – wide-brimmed hats, side bags, boots, belts, vests – made of decorated leather, which protected them on their long journeys through the backlands,”

said statement from São Paulo gallery Firma Cas, for which the Cangaço collection was created. What do you think?


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