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Cactus Canape Sofa

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Are you in love with the desert theme? Well, if you are not, you just can’t resist these marvelous little cactuses that form the cutest Canape sofa! Let’s check out this intriguing furniture piece by Maurizio Galante!

Cactus Themed Furniture by Maurizio Galante

Even if you are not involved into the desert theme, or live in a close proximity to the desert, you just can’t go without admitting that these cactus themed furniture pieces are a winner! Presented by a Paris based Italian designer Maurizio Galante during the “Isn’t it romantic” exhibition in Köln, the Cactus Canape sofa and the accompaning ottoman stools are definitely worth attention.
The Cactus Canape couch is made from the series of cute little cactus imitating cushions, which needles are so realistic that we are even afraid to sit on it. This is of course is made on purpose, as the “Ins’t it romantic” exhibition, that opened up alongside he International Furniture Fair in Cologne, stands for poetry and provocation competition. The exhibition would be running from January 14 to 21st of april, 2013 and it would explore the “current understanding of romanticism and to explore the new desire for a longing for beauty and harmony and also for a place of fulfillment”.
However, there is nothing really romantic about this Cactus canape sofa, except for a distant reminding of the Canape origin: it is a distant relative of a couch, but smaller and was generally used during 18th century, which was widely in use during the Louis XV and Louis XVI periods. As for the Cactus Canape couch, it lacks not only elegant legs, but there are absolutely no legs! The sofa is made from high density structural polyurethane foam with internal steel structure, covered in Bielastic fabric with print of a barbed plant. Oh, the irony! By the way, initially, the Cactus Couch was designed for a Cerruti Baleri, and would be available for a price of $28,133.00! Quite an expensive furniture piece for something you would never want to sit on, don’t you think?

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