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Butcher Block In Kitchen Design

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Butcher blocks

Butcher block kitchen island countertop and butcher block cutting board

Butcher block is thick assembled wood for countertops, chopping blocks, and table tops that migrated from butcher shops to home decor. Many modern kitchens feature butcher block countertops as opposed to the stone that already became a staple of kitchen design.

Butcher block is great for many reasons, for one it’s cheaper than stone and it’s food-safe so you can actually work on it. It requires some care and maintenance but not more than your average countertop.

You can finish your cabinets with butcher countertops or only only for a butcher block kitchen island. You can also find a small table with a butcher block table top if you are looking to save on a custom kitchen island. These actually bring a rustic/vintage look to the room and make great kitchen islands for small-spaced kitchens.

Caring for butcher block countertops isn’t difficult. You need food-safe mild soap or other cleaner to keep sanitation in check and you can occasionally scrap the surface with a spatula to get rid of stubborn particles. It’s best to clean it after every contact with food and oil it from time to time. Walnut oil is the best food-safe choice as it doesn’t oxidize or go rancid like cooking oils.

To protect your butcher block from cracking apply a conditioner made of mineral oil and beeswax to produce a smooth finish. You can also sand the block if necessary before applying conditioner to make sure the surface is smooth.

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