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Brutal Furniture of Scrap-Metal

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As you know, we all have different tastes. Someone likes bright and rich colors, others like dark and gloomy ones. Someone lives in an apartment with soft and comfortable furniture, another one likes high-tech interior. And only few people prefer a pile of scrap metal instead of furniture.

Brutal Furniture of Scrap-Metal by StigArt

Dark Son Throne by StigArt

Dark Son Throne by StigArt

Industrial designer and metal sculptor Bob Campbell, known as Sting, turns scrap-metal into incredible tables, chairs and armchairs.

Design furniture of scrap is based on the use of different screws, wheels, chains, bearings, gears, parts for automobiles and household appliances.

Unique pieces of furniture created by the designer are unlikely to be used in everyday life, but they are bought for design offices, art centers, galleries and showrooms.

Bob Campbell is an unusual industrial designer. While most of his colleagues are designing furniture for the home and office, restaurants and entertainment venues, in general, such that you can use in everyday life, Sting creates furniture-sculptures that people would not want to put at home and use them for their purposes.

For his works Bob Campbell collects scrap metal from the rubble of the old English shipyards, and then the found parts from decommissioned ships, English port cranes, cogs and wheels, bearings and chains are used for modifying the standard pieces of furniture or creating them from scratch, making a complete designer furniture.

Along with metal parts his projects also contain leather, wood and other industrial materials needed to create unique and exclusive pieces of furniture.

It is difficult not to be tempted to put in the office a reception desk made ​​of massive balances of a port crane, or for example, to install a plush chair of anchor chains on a lawn, which magically was frozen in the right shape only for a moment.

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