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Book Furniture from Jim Rosenau

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Are you an avid reader? Then perhaps this furniture collection from Jim Rosenau would certainly horrify you. But, don’t freak out just yet, this amazing book furniture collection is book friendly!


Second Edition Furniture collection

Perhaps it doesn’t seem so, but Jim Rosenau is also an avid reader and a book fan. This American artist that has been praised as a devout book admirer, cherishing books as sacred friends, has his own designer studio “This into that”. If you look closer, you would notice that the books look neat and much loved in that furniture collection. Therefore, we know now that his new furniture collection, Second Editions has been done with great love and devotion to books.

The concept behind Second Edition is the idea of repurposing and saving trees from becoming extinct. Using books as wood in creating furniture collection, Jim Rosenau made a statement regarding the recycled use of books. The designer has given these books a second life by converting them into modern house appliances.

The Second Edition book furniture collection consists mostly of coffee tables, that are most likely to be used as journal tables. He even created a book shelf out of books! Once again, Rosenau idea behind creating this furniture collection is thinking of the environment. He thought if trees could be turned into books, then perhaps the books back into wood! How awesome is that?

The second Edition project has been completed with the help of all those who care about the environment. His friends, fellows, and many other unknown people who carried hard book covers, so that he can incorporate them into his furniture project. Most of his collection is the decor items, as they present an aesthetic, as well as functional value.

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