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Bird Cage Chair Decorates Your House And Trap No Birds

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Bird cages aren’t fun for birds but they can be very decorative on their own or  when reused specifically for decor purposes. That’s why we love a concept of a bird cage chair, which takes the best from both worlds and makes for a nice addition to almost any type of interior.

Bird Cage Chair Design


Loft design by DIFT

The loft apartments are definitely the first ones that come to mind for housing a hanging bird cage chair since they often feature high ceilings and plenty of space. But we can also see them on porches, in houses, and in the attics.

We love the idea of it being a reading chair in a bedroom though as it looks serene and peaceful. But if you have an empty corner or space beside a window that would  be a perfect place for a bird cage reading nook.

There are quite a few designs out there and each presents its own take on the cage. Designer Anouchka Potdevin has made an almost entire cage with just a small opening for seating so the chair turned out to be qute big. The Parroot Chair by Ib Arberg Arbre looks a lot different from all the others thanks to its form.

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