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Beta Chair Collection by Eyal Burstein

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Beta Chair collection is a new exciting furniture collection presented by Eyal Burstein. The conceptual artist has created the Beta Chairs as homage to Swarovski crystals, as they are an inspiration behind this unique furniture collection.


Beta Seating Collection

The Beta Seating Collection is a conversational set of furniture, a concept of which goes back to creating communication between functionality and beauty. This set consists of a bench and three chairs, all reminiscent of the Swarovski crystals, which are made of plexiglass and metal. The plexiglass, as well as metal allows translucence and transparency of the crystal, providing stability and functionality.


The bench, being quite large Chaton-shaped furniture, looks like a mountain with internal illumination that is achieved by LED lights that are hidden inside of the metal frame. The LED light is also installed into the chairs, which provokes the translucent shimmering of the crystal. This collection of furniture is very special to Swarovski Crystal Palace, as it is one of the symbols of the company’s tenth anniversary.

The Beta chair collection has been displayed in the Design Miami/Basel 2012 show just recently. Eyal Burstein has mentioned that his collection is a statement of creating communication between art and design. So far he has proven his point by creating sparkling Swarovski crystal inspired furniture making a bond between the beauty and functionality.


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