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Bed Types: Choosing Perfect Size

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Beds are most wanted items in the house, because all of us have to sleep in comfortable conditions, however, when choosing a bed right for your size you might encounter some problems. In order to avoid any nuisance when it comes to the choice, we present to you compiled tips on choosing beds according to their sizes perfect just for you.

Bed Types

Twin Beds in Kids Room

Tips On Choosing Perfect Beds

There are a lot of options out there, but all of them can be classified by certain features, such as, for example, a size of a bed. You would be surprised, but there is much more to a standard single – double bed. There are up to 5 and even more different types of beds that all differ according to their measurements, however, their names vary in U.S. and Europe.

Twin And Single Beds

The U.S. bed sizes are known as: Twin, Single, Double, Full, Queen, King, California King. If you find this confusing, really you should know that the measurements vary while the shapes and other characteristics stay the same. For example, the Twin bed got its name only because there are usually two alike single beds, which are sold together, while it is still a single bed. The standard size for a twin and single bed in the U.S is 39 x 75 inches, while the same bed features different parameters in Europe measuring 35 x 79 inches.

Bed Types

Queen Size Bed

Huge Beds

Larger beds that are often referred to as double beds, also differ a lot in U.S. and Europe by measurements. A double bed is sometimes referred to as full bed. The measurements for this type of bed do not vary significantly being 54 x 79 inches in the U.S. and 53 x 75 in Europe. However, there are other types that do vary.

Now there are also such beds known as Queen Size and King Size beds. The first type measures from 60 x 80 in the U.S., while in Europe the measurements slightly differ, 63×79 inches. The King size beds usually measure 76 x 80 inches in the U.S., while being smaller in Europe measuring 71 x 79 inches. There is also such size as California King Size beds, which is 72 x 84 inches and it exists only in the U.S.

Bed Types

King Size Bed

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