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Bed Types: Choosing Perfect Mattress

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Wow, who would have thought that choosing a bed might cause such dilemmas, but we assure you there is much more to the bed styles that it seems. Did you know that the average person spends a third of his life in sleep? No wonder we sometimes go to extremes in creating perfect sleeping conditions. We have already covered the size differences in beds, and today we are going to discuss how beds differ in mattress materials.

Best Mattress Materials

Bed Mattress

Boyd Posture Flex Express Bed

Air Mattress

The air beds probably provide aerial sleep experience, being hollow inside. Of course you will have to inflate the mattress, but some are so-called “self-inflating”. These types of mattresses are generally used as portable beds and can be used especially when you have guests coming for a sleepover. Some beds come with a base, but these are more expensive as they come in bedroom sets.

Feather Mattress

Bed Mattress

Feather Mattress Topping by Snoggedown

You can just imagine what it is like to be sleeping on a mattress made from ducks and geese feathers. It is should be really comfortable, and a mere concept is associated with luxury. However, due to economic reasons, this type of mattress was forgotten. Technically, it is not an actual mattress, only a mattress topper that is added to the bed for extra comfort.

Water Mattress

Bed Mattress

Soft-sided Water Bed

Although it might seem that the waterbeds were created just recently their history dates back to ancient Persia where people used to sleep on goatskin bags filled with water. Nowadays there is a wide variety of choices, and two main differences: waterbeds can either be hard-sided or soft-sided. The first one has a solid frame as opposed to the other, which has a cushioned edge.

Futon Mattress

This type of mattress was used traditionally in Japanese culture, however, the modern Western concept of futon bed differs significantly from the original. In the West, futon is usually refers to a convertible sofa bed. However, in the East, a futon is a thin mattress that substitutes a bed entirely.

Bed Mattress

Ashton Futon Sofa Bed


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