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Bed Types: Choosing Perfect Base

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Choosing a perfect bed is always a trouble, because we tend to be really strict about choosing it since we spend at least a third of our life in sleep, and we need to be sure that this time is spent in comfort. Apart from being different in mattress materials and sizes, beds also differ by their bases, but don’t worry we will tell you all about it.

Tips On Choosing Bed Bases

Divan Base

Divan Base Bed With Headboard

Divan Bed Bases

The divan bed base is a very popular type that is used worldwide. It is basically a base upon which you put a mattress and as a part of its structure the divan base might also have a headboard. There are two variations of the kind: pocket sprung divans that have a spring in the base and platform top divans.

The first one is more comfortable as it offers a softer top, while the second one is relatively cheap but with a hard top. However, the firmness of the bed majorly depends on the mattress, so you can choose a feather topping for extra comfort. Don’t count on a storage capacity of the divan bed base though.

Storage Bed Bases

Divan Base

Storage Base Bed In Kids Room

Now this type of bed base will offer you maximum storage, so it is the best option to choose if you have limited space. There are two options you can choose from: ottoman type that opens up like a jewel box from the top, and the type with storage drawers. The storage beds are very popular as well, as apart from serving as beds they can also be a solution for storing problems.

Bedsteads Bases

Divan Base

Bedstead Base With TV

The bedstead option can be either really simple or luxurious. It is a construction made from slatted frames that can be made from wood or from metal. The main advantage of this type of bed base is that it offers a big variety of choices; however, this is not a bed for storage. Another major drawback is that it usually needs to be reassembled by an owner and of course this type of a bedstead usually tends to be more expensive than other types.

Special Purpose Beds

There are many other different types of beds, designed specifically to suit various purposes. There are flexible beds to suit even more limited spaces, there are bunk beds for shared kids rooms and there are also cot beds for little children.

Divan Base

Cot Bed For Babies

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