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Beautiful Ethnic Handmade Furniture

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Glimpt is a Swedish design studio, which draws its inspiration from different cultures around the world. That’s why their furniture is so unusual. It is impregnated with ethnic motifs, but not devoid of modern aesthetics. The main task of Glimpt is to combine in the final product skills and culture of the peoples of the world with a designer’s talent. Glimp went on a long journey to Vietnam to create a furniture collection called Superheroes.

Beautiful Ethnic Handmade Furniture by Glimpt

Superheroes furniture collection by Glimpt

Superheroes furniture collection by Glimpt

After working with local weavers, craftsmen and artists, as well as calling with the illustrator Malin Koort, they started working on their unusual ethnic furniture. What’s so special about it? The fact that all the furniture is made by hand.

Metal base, algae, thread and cultural heritage of Vietnam is all you need to create a fashionable designer furniture.

The technology is quite simple, but time consuming. Bundles of dried algae are twisted into “rolls”, which are then tied around the frame and fixed with the paper twine.

Ottomans, tables, chairs, stools and even lamps are made of environmentally friendly materials. Such compound of eastern charm and Scandinavian pragmatism gained a widespread popularity throughout the world.

Even the famous Italian company Cappellini included the Superheroes collection from Glimpt in their line and sells this furniture worldwide.

Any novice designer has a great chance to tell the world about himself, thanks to the Cappellini. They have made ​​famous a variety of talented designers, using a fairly simple scheme of cooperation: “your idea – our implementation”. As a result, the company produces conceptual interior, keeping pace with the times, and the talented artists get fame and long-term contracts.

The company’s founder, the Italian Giulio Cappellini acts as an expert in many exhibitions and festivals dedicated to the art design. And he meets designers there, who are ready to offer their ambitious ideas.

Swedish duo Glimpt Studio became one of such “findings” of Cappellini, when they represented their collection of modern ethnic light fixtures on the famous furniture fair IMM Cologne 2011. Mattias Rask and Tor Palm created them after visiting southern Africa.

The result of joint work of Cappellini and creative group Glimpt Studio has become a collection of colorful wicker furniture called Superheroes.


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