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After Image Furniture

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This amazing furniture set look like you might have something in your eye, and your vision is blurry, however, these are quite real! This post is introducing the Afterimage Furniture collection by Bomi Park.


Evanescent Korean Furniture set

Designed by Korean artist Bomi Park, the After Image Furniture seems to be disappearing any moment soon. This creative approach to furniture was presented at the DMY in Berlin, Germany just recently. The furniture of course is not evanescent in any sense, it is created with a knowledge of what our eyes perceive like an optical illusion.

The Afterimage collection is more than furniture design, it is a concept of a particular phenomenon that is going in our brain. The After image is something that stays inside your brain when the stimuli is long gone. Bomi Park has manipulated this idea to create the wire mesh furniture. His collection includes two types of tables with lamps attached.

Never mind that this table looks surreal, it is quite real to the core. Despite its simplicity, the After Image collection is rather unusual table, and would suit the contemporary if not futuristic interior design. Would you want to have this beauty in your parlor?

Evanescent Korean Furniture set

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