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Acceptable by Akos Hajdok

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Do you like furniture with history and eco-friendly approaches to designing? Well, if you do you would certainly like this cute little coffee table, perfect for a book lover, the Acceptable creation by Akos Hajdok!

Unique Coffee Table by Akos Hajdok

The Acceptable table is a unique furniture project by Akos Hajdok, that takes re-purposing to a wholly new level. Throwing away the old furniture piece is the least you would do, if you have an opportunity of giving the table, or any other furniture piece a new life. The little three leg coffee table, which history probably spans for decades was transformed into a hip table with just a single twist: one embedded into surface of a table white shelf.
The Acceptable is influenced by the fascination of the author with graphical errors and computer games, Akos Hajdok managed to create something completely unique. This piece is actually only a beginning of a bigger family of furnishing items, the Parasite collection. The Parasite collection would be the collection of re-purposed from old junk and highlighted by some graphical distortion feature, which makes the pieces distinguishable.The application of using such a piece of furniture are countless. Acceptable, for example is a traditional coffee table with three legs, pretty fancy for a contemporary decorating style, but fit for traditional heavy set furniture designs. Yet the little white triangle shelve, which marks its presence on the surface of the table. This little shelve is making a statement for the whole furniture piece, and can even be used in contemporary decorating style. Here is an official statement regarding the piece from Akos Hajdok:

“Acceptable is the first piece of a parasite furniture collection. Inspired by virtuality, notably graphical errors and computer game bugs, I took a regular, old, four-leg coffee table and, while retaining its original function, provided it with a new one: a bookshelf. The philosophy of the emerging parasite furniture collection is giving new use to old furniture by distorting it with visual errors.”



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