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Accent Furniture Room Dividers

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Indian Style Room Divider

Indian Style Room Divider

If you happen to have big rooms in your house, then it is rational, of course, to leave very large rooms undivided, even symbolically, but smart accent furnishings will not only divide your room into two parts, but will also provide a new spin of modernity to your interior. An accent room divider is not just a decorative unit, but also rather a functional furniture piece with shelves and drawers. You can also have a room divider without any shelves and drawers. The room dividers are a great way visually divide a large space into two areas to add privacy and fashion, for instance, to a corner of a room. The accent furniture is perfect for adding the final change to the room and has the ability to completely transform a space and make it look spacer.

Eastern Style Room Divider

Eastern Style Room Divider

Divide Your Room

You can divide your large room in two in a modern design manner. The designers come up with some fresh ideas and with true modern design furniture units that will excellently fit into any interior.

The room dividers can dress up any interior. They can be used in front of a fireplace, to shade very bright side of the room, closing the windows, or simply as a unique design element in any space. The dividers feature durable construction with the frame made of fine wood finishes that can match the interior of the room. Add a stylish, aesthetic and functional charm and accent and give the room a new view with a piece designed to make a stunning display of your books, framed photos, favorite collectibles, magazines, and other decorative items. The dividers also add texture and an incredible design element to your living space. Imagine the impact the exceptional room divider will have on your home décor and enhance the color scheme of your room.


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  1. sam
    March 22, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    What is the price on the Indian style room divider which is showcased on you website. Send me the price info., and various style of Indian room divider.

    Thank you,

  2. Harry Bairamian
    March 16, 2015 at 12:43 am

    Could you please send me information and price for the room divider pictured above, with two birds?