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66 Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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Every girl understands how important it is to have a place for her beauty products, and vanity tables are one of the best ideas so far! This post presents to you a whole lot of 66 bathroom vanity ideas.


Bathroom Vanity Designs

Bathroom vanity is an essential part of your private room, once you realize all the practical sides of this beautifull furniture piece! Nowadays, vanities are considered to be the same as the countertops, however that is not always the case. The classic bathroom vanity is a little cabinet, adjusted to the bathroom, which has the sink and the underneath storage. However, now we see mostly countertops with limited capacity, or none at all, tracing the tendency towards minimalism.

Vanity adds completeness to your bathroom, and there are options for installing them even in the small bathrooms! The most important part of the vanity is of course the sink, and the modern tendency is to make washbasin styled sink. The other important part of bathroom vanity is the storing capacities, but this is usually sacrificed and what we observe is the countertop. Yet, this countertops can be quite inspirational! Take a look at the

amazing bathroom vanity ideas:

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