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6 Creative Shelving Systems

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We can increase the usable area for storage, using every inch of space rooms. “Smart” furniture will help to solve the problem of storage in the house more effectively. The most popular furniture that is used to store, organize and place decor elements is a shelving system.

6 Creative and Functional Shelving Systems

Bookworm by Atelier 010

Bookworm by Atelier 010

We offer to look at 10 creative and at the same time functional shelving from different designers.

The Tipi shelving system

The Tipi is a shelving system designed for private and public places. Because of its shape, Tipi can be used as a wardrobe, bookshelf or as a table. The tapered structure of supports allows you to easily configure the system for certain needs, without the need for additional fixation.

Sliding rack from Yi-Cong Lu

At first glance, this is an ordinary bookcase with shelves, but in fact, the shelves are the drawers, which are sliding on both sides. The designer has made two large drawers and two smaller sets. Each of them can be pulled out to one side or the other. You can push all the boxes, and one or two, depending on the need for additional space.

Column by Sophie Mensen

Sophie Mensen, a designer from Netherlands, offered a creative option of roomy shelves, which is masquerading in a very unusual way as a decorative column.

Combo by Capolinea Design

Italian designers from Capolinea Design studio developed an eco-book rack called Combo. The materials for its manufacture are the recycled pulp, cardboard and iron pipes, which got a second life, having exhausted its primary function. Due to thoughtful constructive proposal, the shelving can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Bookworm by Atelier 010

Dutch designers from Atelier 010 created an unusual bookcase for lovers of reading, creative ideas and dynamic lifestyle. This design combines shelves for books and a comfortable seat where you can read a selected book and continue daily activities.

Shelving from Orla Reynolds

At first glance,it is a simple shelving system, which has 16 sections to contain books or other accessories. But there is something else hidden within this rack. It’s a set that includes a table and four chairs. All is done in bright colors to give the furniture a more interesting look and add some flavor to it.


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