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5 Unusual Desks For Your Modern Home Office

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More often than not a home office is practically just a desk and a chair so they both should make a beautiful stylish tandem. But while a chair should be more functional and ergonomic than beautiful for back health’s sake the desk can be anything as long as it’s at the right height and the right size.

Unusual Home Office Desks

Hanging desk

753-square-foot Barcelona apartment

A hanging desk may not seem practical but when you don’t have enough space to fit it all it could be a sound solution to the problem. The only worry here is the health of the back and the comfort (or lack thereof) of sitting on a hard surface, which in this interior design by Bach Architects happens to be a kitchen.

Molteni & C SEGRETO secretary desk  wall shelf
SEGRETO secretary desk wall shelf

This interesting shelf by Molteni & C also doubles as a secretary desk with built in lighting and a convenient interior organizer. When not in use the shelf can simply act as a hallway console and hold up to 40 kg (88 lbs) of weight as opposed to desk surface that can maintain 30 kg (60 lbs).

Castle secretary desk

Secretaire desks are quite popular still especially in smaller homes where having a separate desk can be quite problematic. This amazing example doesn’t look dated or old-fashioned as many secretary desks do. The castle drawing makes for a unique look, imaginative look that can really jazz up your interior. Also there is plenty of storage space for work-related as well as unrelated things.

Cart desk

Sometimes a DIY desk can be that much more unique than a bought one so as long as you make it the right height for your egonomic chair you can get away with turning almost anything into a work desk. Here is a unique example of cart turned desk, which makes for an unusual desk base.

Crib turned desk

Kids grow up and some furniture should either be discarded or sold. If you’re in need of a desk though you might want to hold off on kicking it to the curb or selling it online as you can yet reuse it by turning it into a desk, like this crib.


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