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4 Original Tables

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In this article we would like to show you 4 interesting and original designs of tables. There is an original desk with fun and creative storage systems. And we also will show you two amazing coffee tables. Another table can be used as a console. Some of you would consider them strange, but no one can say that they are boring. All these 4 tables are unique and deserve attention.

4 Original Tables: Desks and Coffee Tables

Bear table by Daniel Lewis Garcia

Bear table by Daniel Lewis Garcia

Bear table made ​​of plywood

American designer Daniel Lewis Garcia designed a table in the form of a bear, made ​​of multiple layers of plywood. Studying the use of plywood in furniture production, Garcia noted that manufactures are trying to hide and conceal splices of plywood sheets. He, however, decided to use the joints and the pattern that they create as a decorative stroke.

According to the designer, it allows not only to emphasize the streamlined shape of the object, but also to strengthen its structure. Thus, Bear table consists of a plurality of layers of veneer glued together firmly with each other.

The table has a simple but easily recognizable shape resembling a bear. It can be used as a coffee table, dresser or console in the nursery.

Modular table-grid

A graduate of the Royal College of Art Ying Cheng created a collection of furniture, the design of which is based on a modular grid.

Modular grid is a system developed by Josef Müller-Brockmann and Wim Crouwel whose purpose is to make the layout of printing materials more convenient and logical. Cheng decided to apply this method in the field of product design and has designed a modular table Grid System, which is a three-dimensional version of the grid.

The table does not have a regular countertop. It is replaced by a set of mesh containers in three sizes – A3, A4, A5 – which the owner of the table is free to set in a convenient manner.

In addition to modules for storage the system involves wooden boards that can be used as countertops, installing them in the right place, bright aluminum shelves and accessories of cement.

Grid System can be adapted to a variety of needs: keeping things, breakfast, computer work, reading, etc.

Volcane and Lagune coffee tables from Bellila

French design studio Bellila created Volcane and Lagune coffee tables with built-in mini-gardens. Currently, the design studio is specialized in producing of actual eco-friendly furniture. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that the designers wanted to bring a little piece of nature in every home.

Volcane is table with a strong character, in which you can feel fine balance between functionality and aesthetics. Its shape resembles an upward volcano, where you can plant a miniature tree with fruit.

It consists of three parts: the base, countertop and removable tray that can be easily cleaned. The base can be used as a storage space.

Lagune is a coffee table of simple form, where you can easily build a Japanese Zen garden or fish pond.

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