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4 Amusing Cabinet Desings

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While most furniture designs bring comfort and mostly aim to help the owners, some furniture pieces are meant to be a style statement. Today, we are going to explore four most amusing cabinet designs presented in recent times.

Unique Furniture Sets of Recent Collections

amusing cabinets

4. Coast Range Cabinet

We will start our countdown with this peculiar cabinet, which was designed by Vancouver-based designer Peter Pierobon. Doesn’t it look like it is slightly drunk? That’s right, it is somewhat tipsy, since it is a cabinet made specifically for drinks. The coast range cabinet is made of walnut, aluminum and stainless steel and is presented in a series of smaller cabinets, each with a unique filling. You would be surprised to find out that the topography of Vancouver inspired the creation of this cabinet.

3. Walking Cabinet

amusing cabinets

Another masterpiece from the recent collections is the Walking cabinet by Swedish designer Markus Johansson. The striking feature of this piece is that its legs are sort of running away to some other space. This illusion is created by means of arranging the legs to look in different directions.

2. Curiosity Cabinet

amusing cabinets

Now, a third cabinet presents a very unique concept. Designed by a Belgium-based Twodesigners company, this cabinet is meant for displaying and storing objects. You see a desk, with different sets of open spaces, which can be used in a variety of ways. This cabinet is meant to highlight the ever-changing environment and means to adjust to it.

1. Good Vibrations Cabinet

amusing cabinets

If you think that your vision is distorted when you look at the picture above, don’t worry – it is not your vision. Ferruccio Laviani has designed an interesting cabinet, which was masterfully crafted to resemble the visual distortion. This intriguing cabinet was designed for an Italian manufacturing furniture brand Fratelli Boffi, and will be displayed during the Salone del Mobile exhibition this year. Quite a stunner, don’t you think?

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