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3 Unconventional Shelving Units

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Most of us are facing the problem of storage, and sometimes this storage is all about books, magazines and other thought provoking objects in paper. Here are the designs of the three unconventional shelving units that would fit the most demanding minimalistic interior.

3 Awesome Shelves in Minimalism

If you are in a seach of a perfect storage solution for your minimalistic office or a study rooms, take a look at these shelving options presented by different designers but united in a spirit of originality and shelving purpose! We will start our journey from this simple, yet very functional shelves by Davide Radaelli!
1. Bookshape Bookshelf
These partcilar shelves are very simplistic in design, yet very minimalistic and use back to the basics approach. Designed by Davide Radaelli, the Bookshape Bookshelves present a series of shelves, which form is defined by a silhouette of books. This is a conceptual, rather than practical furniture piece, as it is quite inconvient to fit all of the different books it the predesigned form. However, as revealed by the creator, the shelves are designed this way because: “the content had to give shape to its container”.


2. Moni Shelving Unit
The Moni Shelving Unit presents a bit more abstract furniture design. Designed by Carme Pinós, this shelving is done in charcoal black, instead of the transparent white as the above and has a higher impact in terms of interior design. It can create a contrast on the white wall. The Moni shelves are made from 2mm thick folded steel with various depths. This shelving system is a part of a bigger collection, entitled “Objects”, which composed of versatile pieces that are easy to assemble. Actually, the black base of he shelves is invisible once the books began to accumulate.


3. Virgules Shelves
The Virgules Shelves definatelly create an impression of being quite abstract. Designed by Thibault Pougeoise, no wonder these shelves look abstract, because Virgules means “commas” in French. The Virgules shelves are made from folded-plate brushed steel and can be mounted on the wall in no particular pattern.


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